WooCommerce Product Table & Frequently Bought Together

The WooCommerce Product Table and Frequently Bought Together addon enhances your WooCommerce product detail page with features with powerful tool designed for both WooCommerce simple and variable variation products.

Create an listing of WooCommerce Products in Table, and Grid format for product table and Also help shortcode used into different pages of your webiste. And to enhances and encouraging combined purchases and growth business Frequently Bought Together addon help to combined Add To Cart product with single click.

The WooCommerce Product Table Plugin, coupled with the advanced features of the Frequently Bought Together Addons, provides a comprehensive solution for WooCommerce store owners.

From flexible product listings to strategic promotion of combined purchases, this dynamic duo caters to a diverse range of needs, contributing to an enhanced and user-centric online shopping experience.

Frequently Bought Together Addon

The Frequently Bought Together addon complements the WooCommerce Product Table plugin by further enhancing the WooCommerce product detail page with simple and variable variation products. Here's how it adds value:

Encouraging Combined Purchases
    • The addon is designed to encourage combined purchases by showcasing products that are frequently bought together.
    • By suggesting related items, it aims to increase the average order value and provide a more convenient shopping experience.
Single-Click Convenience
    • The Frequently Bought Together addon simplifies the buying process by allowing users to add multiple items to their cart with a single click.
    • This streamlines the checkout process and reduces friction for customers.
Business Growth
    • By promoting combined purchases, the addon contributes to business growth and revenue.
    • It leverages the concept of suggestive selling to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

WooCommerce Product Table

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is a powerful tool specifically designed to enhance the functionality of both WooCommerce simple and variable variation products. Here are some key features:

Product Listing Formats
    • The plugin allows you to create a listing of WooCommerce products in both table and grid formats.
Shortcode Integration
    • You can easily integrate the product table into different pages of your website using shortcodes.
    • Shortcodes provide a flexible way to showcase your products on specific pages, offering a seamless user experience.
Flexibility and Customization
    • The plugin provides flexibility in displaying product information, allowing for customization based on your specific needs.
    • Users can toggle between table and grid views, providing an optimal shopping experience.

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin is a robust solution tailored for both simple and variable variation products within the WooCommerce ecosystem

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